Episode Three: Lost in the 50’s


Lost in the 50’s museum

When you walk through the doors of Lost in the 50’s museum in Newcastle NSW you are instantly taken back to the 1950’s.


A taste of Glen’s collection

The first thing you see is a traditional 1950’s and you feel like you are on the set of Happy Days.

It’s full of original diner items, food and drink memorabilia and the vibe of a true vintage experience.

But that is just the start of your vintage adventure.

Glen Jennings is the man behind the museum and is a collector of anything 1950’s Americana.

His collection started with an old Chevrolet in his teens and has grown and grown and grown and grown! To the point that he has turned a huge old brewery into this museum showcasing a lot of his 1950’s goods and incredible cars.


One of the classic 50’s cars.

And the cars are beautiful!

Glen’s car collection is split into two.

The original 50’s classics where you can find American cars looking exactly the same as they would have in a showroom in the 1950’s.

There are cars of every colour and as you walk through the cars you can almost convince yourself that you are on a car yard floor in the 1950’s looking at what car you will take home to your family.

But through another door the cars are a little different.


The Batmobile!

Enter the Hot Rod Hall!

The home of some incredible cars including the Batmobile, the Delorean and a range of hot rods!

This is hall is a fan favourite when Glen opens the museums doors each month.

What’s interesting is this collection of cars and everything else 1950’s has grown through love and passion.

Glen admits there was really no plan to his collection.

It started with his first Chevrolet, then another and it just kept growing.

He just kept buying items that made him happy and bought back that nostalgic feeling.

And then it reached a point, with this incredible collection in storage sheds across Newcastle, that Glen wanted to bring that joy to others.


The family support unit!

With the support of his wife, daughters and a group of volunteers Glen opens the museum each month.

The cars often get out for a spin and you may have seen some of these cars at shows around New South Wales.

If the 1950’s is an era you love this museum is a must see.

You can hear more about the Lost in the 50’s museum and Glen Jennings in Episode Three of our podcast.¬†



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