Episode Five: Evelyn Wood


Evelyn Wood

Clothes are made differently these days.

There’s no more ryon hem tape, space in the seams or quality handmade garments. Instead we see massed produced items that may not last a single season let alone 30 years.

0910-2016-0706213893491350280But that’s where Evelyn Wood comes in.

She starting sewing (like so many of us) in high school. And while most of us stopped at the satin boxer shorts, library bag or sweat pants Evelyn kept sewing at home on her mums machine.

Fashion school then called, some time working in bridal and then as her own personal vintage style developed so did Evelyn’s interest in vintage patterns and designs.

But vintage patterns came with their challenges. Clothes were not put together in the 1920’s like they are today.

So began the trial and error and eventually Evelyn Wood launched her Vintage Fashion House.

She specalises in fashion from the 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s which reflects her personal style as well.


A dress found in a thrift store given a new lease on life.

She had makes all her clothes in the authentic styles with hem tape and metal zippers!

As well as making and selling her clothes she has started a blog and a youtube channel sharing some of her vintage secrets!

My favourite video as a vintage hat wearer has to be the one about hat pins and keeping delightful pieces on your head!

I love that Evelyn didn’t feel complete having this chat without a swipe of red lipstick and it was a pleasure to find out more about her vintage story.

Meet Evelyn Woods in Episode Four of This Retro Life


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