Episode Six: Shelley Minson


Shelley Minson

Ladies and Gentlemen meet the incredible Shelley Minson!

She is a pinup gal, singer and songwriter with an infectious personality.

Shelley was introduced to pinup when a girlfriend suggested she would like the style of dresses. And she has never looked back.

The confidence gained from finding her personal style then led her to take her singing from the shower and around the house to the stage.

And with a support network like her husband Lawrie Minson, who has sung with the likes of Slim Dusty, Jimmy Barnes, Ross Wilson (and the list goes on) her music career has taken off!

shelleyminson3Shelley has taken her old country meets rockabilly tunes around the world.

She has performed in her home town at the Tamworth Country Music Festival , at the Viva Las Vegas festival, the New Orleans Casino and at so many festivals and venues around Australia.

Coming from a country town, Shelley is known for her pinup looks and loves the joy that she can bring others (especially those who reminisce about their parents or grandparents.)

Shelley is currently recording her first album so follow her to get updates on when her new music is ready for your ears!

Shelley Minson was such a pleasure to speak to. Listen to her on episode six of This Retro Life.

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