Episode Nine: Hayley Cooke


Hayley Cooke with Baymax

If you went on a road trip over the summer period what was your drive like?

Hitting the open road can be one of the best ways to travel and for Hayley Cooke aka Miss VeeDub getting around in her vintage Volkswagen Beetle Baymax is the best way to travel.

It was watching the Herbie movies as a child that inspired Hayley’s love for Volkswagens.

As Herbie the love bug drove around her screen she knew that when she was old enough she would get her very own Beetle.image2

And she did!

Getting a brand new VW Beetle after getting her license.

But her love was really with older models and so the search was on to find a vintage car that would work.

She looked around Australia for the perfect car and then she found Baymax. While he didn’t look that pretty at first the basics were there and Hayley knew she could make him great.

Working with her friend in his shed, Baymax slowly came to life.


Baymax and his VW friends!

And he is beautiful! And now loves going on trips and to car shows with his other VW friends.

And having a love of vintage cars has led Hayley to finding a love of pinup and vintage fashion as well.

Going to car shows and entering Baymax into competitions led to her checking out the pinup girls and what they were doing on stage.

And soon she was up there with them! image3

And before she knew it she was in the grand final of Miss Pinup Australia in 2015 where she took out Miss Perfect Pinup Australia.

And Hayley is now adding to her vintage family.

At the end of 2016 she bought home a brother to Baymax.

Meet Skipper a 1962 VW Type-3 Squareback!hayley-cooke-2


You can hear more about Hayley Cooke and her cars in episode nine on the podcast.

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