Episode 11: Marjorie May Fair

MMF_Promo8 Photo by Wendell Levi Teodoro.jpg

Marjorie May Fair (Photo: Wendell Levi Teodoro)

I have been following Marjorie May Fair on instagram for a while now and cannot get enough of her incredible talent for vintage hair and makeup and her fashion!

So it was such a pleasure to get a chance to sit down and chat to this incredible women.

Like many of us, Marjorie can track her love of vintage to spending time with her grandmother.

Watching her leave the house completely put together, putting on her stockings and setting her hair. Little did young Marjorie know that one day she would be following these same rituals! Made with Repix (http://repix.it)

Using her grandmother and old Hollywood glamours as her inspiration the practice began.

Perfecting the vintage look can take time but as her wardrobe grew so did her confidence with creating incredible vintage hairstyles.

And while doing all this Marjorie May Fair was also starting her career as an actor.

She travels around Victoria with her Squid Stamp theater company performing educational shows for school students.


Oh and did I mention she is also a vintage hair stylist and is making women look this fabulous!

You can meet Marjorie May Fair and hear all about her incredible vintage life in episode eleven of our podcast! 

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