Episode 13: Susie and Sarah


Sarah Frare and Susie Gipton

This week we sit down with two vintage lovers!

Susie Gipton is the woman behind Miss Posh Poodle and Sarah Frare runs Vintage Industries & co and together they have a radio station with the coolest name ever – Dead People’s Stuff.

It was so great to sit down with both of them, laugh a lot and talking about everything from slow fashion to dumpster diving!

Yes dumpster diving! That’s how Susie said she introduced her daughter to the world of vintage as she gave her a boost to look for hidden treasures.


Susie says that “dust and rust” are her oxygen and there is nothing like finding a hidden treasure in someones house.

The two ladies live Lismore on the North Coast of NSW and Sarah launched Vintage Industries & co partly to support vintage and antiques stores in her region.

She provides great local vintage guides showing exactly where you can find a bargain.

I love how Susie talks about the evolution of her vintage fashion. She is now embracing a more 1930’s and 1940’s look rather than the 1950’s dresses she’s worn in the past.

While Sarah says she’s travelled an interesting style journey from goth to vintage pinup.

Susie tells some hilarious stories about her time owning a vintage store in Sydney helping dress drag queens and a homeless man who would open the shop to the nightclub goers. I cannot do these stories justice in text you need to listen to the episode to find out more! p1000240

What’s clear talking to Sarah and Susie is that they are so passionate about vintage and supporting others who share their passion.

It was such a privilege to meet and feature these ladies on the podcast!

We might be biased but we think this episode is a must listen!

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