Episode 14: Marc Rondeau


Some might call it an obsession but here at This Retro Life we call our love of vintage a passion.

Marc Rondeau’s passion is everything 1950’s! And he means EVERYTHING.

He and his wife have been collecting anything 1950’s since the 1980’s. A time when vintage was cheaper, the 1950’s was only a few decades away and you could find items in op shops!

But it was at the age of 10 that Marc first found his fascination with the 50’s and it was through music.¬†10425507_10152425843362557_6399222383489852073_n

As his mum played her Elvis records Marc fell in love with the King of Rock and Roll.

And that opened the vintage wormhole!

It was then more 50’s music, starting the collection of vinyl, clothes, furniture, living a 50’s lifestyle every day.

And now Marc Rondeau runs The Rockhouse¬†and brings a new generation to the music of the 1950’s.

Most nights he can be found at venues around Sydney playing his records.

This year he will also be at Viva Las Vegas being the puppet master of the dance floor and giving you some sweet tunes to dance to!


Marc Rondeau is our guest in Episode 14. His vintage story is a must listen!


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