Episode 15: Miss Charlotte Cake


We are featuring our first international guest on This Retro Life.

It’s something we want to do more of this year, so if you know someone from anywhere in the world we should talk to or you want to know more about their vintage story then let us know! You can email us at hello@thisretrolife.com or drop us a line on our Facebook page.

OK now its time to introduce Miss Charlotte Cake a vintage doll from New Zealand!

We love following Miss Charlotte Cake on all her social media accounts! From her outfit photos, to her baking and everything in between so it was such a pleasure to chat with her and find out more about her love of vintage. charlotte-cycle-5138

Which really started with a love of old stuff!

And after high school she really had the best job for someone who loves such things working in a second hand store.

And slowly her love of old stuff began to show itself through her collections, her fashion and how she styled her hair and makeup.

That love also found it’s way into the kitchen. With memories of cooking lolly cake with her mum as a child, loving old things led Miss Charlotte to finding a love for vintage recipes.

With Miss Charlotte’s Cakers connecting bakers and cooks from around the world, Charlotte is able to share her love of baking and kitchen disasters and successes!char2

As you can imagine old recipes can be a bit of a challenge in a modern kitchen.

Miss Charlotte Cake says the recipes are simplier but sometimes they can be strange.

She told us a story of trying a gelatin salad, or as it was called aspic salad.

Unlike prawn cocktails I don’t think this trend will make a come back!

We were also able to find out a little bit more about the vintage scene in New Zealand.

Miss Charlotte Cake said it was small but growing and there were a number of great Rockabilly and vintage events held around the year. Time for us all to plan a trip to New Zealand!

You can hear more about Miss Charlotte Cake’s vintage love and passion in our latest episode.

And for a bit of a bonus, here’s a highlight reel from 2015 when Miss Charlotte was crowned the winner of Come Dine with Me New Zealand!

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