Episode 16: Op Shop ‘Til You Get Enough


Ellen Hookey (Photo: Sarah Matray)

Today we are going op shopping!!

We are heading to the beautiful city of Melbourne to go on a tour of some of the best op shops with Ellen Hookey. Ellen is the brilliant mind behind the Op Shop ‘Til You Get Enough tours. She took her expertise as a tour guide, combined it with her personal love of hunting for a bargain and runs three different tours throughout the month.


Castlemaine Markets

Ellen is the perfect op shop guide.

She has a love of vintage, 1950’s dresses, vinyl records, 1980’s wonders and has searched through vintage shops all over the world.

From strange interactive displays in the Netherlands to the cluttered second hand stores of regional Australia, Ellen knows that the best tool you can take into an op shop is patience!

No matter what you are looking for the hunt is the best part and you really never know what you are going to get!


Mill Markets

So what’s the best op shop/thrift store find you’ve made?

You can hear more about Ellen and her tours in our latest episode.

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