Episode 23: Beehives Go-Go Dancers

Attitude face coming from Lucy Watusi on tour in Japan with The Beehives Go Go Dancers. Photo by @kazuyuki_n

Lucy Watusi on tour in Japan with The Beehives Go Go Dancers. Photo by @kazuyuki_n

We are sharing some fun loving 1960’s vibes on the podcast this week.

Before you hit play you need your dancing shoes, a bottle of water and 100% energy.

We are going Go-Go Dancing with Lucy Watusi, one of the members of the Beehive Go-Go Dancers.

This group of dancers started in Perth, Australia, nearly 10 years ago and has grown rapidly in that time.

They have performed around the world at festivals and performances of all shapes and sizes.

They have sister troupes in other cities and are now the first people you call if you need Go-Go dancers.10922541_1043420842351716_1148491795902456824_n

The history of Go Go dancing is a rich one.

What started as entertainment for crowds in nightclubs in the 1960’s quickly turned into a trend that continues today.

Go-Go dancers were often seen on podiums, tables, in cages, wherever they could get a good vantage point so that they could be seen.

And while the moves are important, the twist, the bird, the banana, the watusi, so is the fashion.

Mini skirts (the shorter the better), knee high boots, big hair and iconic 1960’s makeup.


The Beehives re-create all of these elements in each performance they do.

And they have very busy schedules.

From dancing at festivals, alongside burlesque performers, specialised gigs and even tractor festivals (yes really!). The demand for this retro style of dance is strong today.

So is the Mod scene in general.

'You know you make me wanna shout! Kick my heels back and shout!' 🎶 Lucy Watusi in Shibuya, Japan. Photo by @kazuyuki_n

Photo by @kazuyuki_n

Just like the Rockabilly scene, the mod scene of the 60’s and 70’s is seeing a resurgence.

In vintage stores and thrift shops you can find amazing pieces from these eras.

From the shift dresses and mini skirts to the flowing maxi dresses of the 1970’s. It all goes with the music and the performances from that era.

Find out more about the phenomenal Lucy Watusi and the Beehive Go-go Dancers in our latest episode.

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