Episode 27: Dr Colleen Darnell

The Land Rovers are 1970s and the house was built in 1906

Dr Colleen Darnell in Egypt with a 1970’s Land rover in front of a house built in 1906!

So every week on the podcast I nerd out a little. I can’t help it. I get to talk to my people! Those that share a passion for vintage and who have incredible collections or have achieved amazing things.

But this weeks episode pushes my nerdy fan girl to the very edge! This week we aren’t just talking to a beautiful 1920’s dame, you get to meet an Egyptologist with an incredible vintage flare!

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Dr Colleen Darnell!!!

Oh my word, Colleen Darnell is like Miss Fisher meets Indiana Jones and she’s my new favourite person in the entire world!

I think we’ve all had those moments when we loved ancient Egypt. For me it was when I had to do a school project on it. But for Colleen, that love never died and now she is responsible for bringing this ancient history to life!

Old Cataract Hotel in Aswan where Agatha Christie stayed Photo by Jane Kratochvil

Dr Colleen Darnell at the Old Cataract Hotel in Aswan (where Agatha Christie) Photo by Jane Kratochvil

I could talk about ancient Egypt all day long (and we get into some of the incredible stories on the podcast) but I also love the passion Colleen has for the 1920’s.

She exudes 20’s class.

The bobbed hair and dropped waists, beautiful gowns, head pieces and hats.

For Colleen Darnell it was about finding a vintage era that suited her personality and body shape.

And it’s like the era was made for her!!

Jane Kratochvil from the Jazz Age Lawn Party dancing with my husband John Darnell

At the Jazz Age Lawn Party Dr Colleen Darnell dances with her husband John Darnell (Photo: Jane Kratochvil)

She and her husband John attend vintage events and are part of the vintage community in the Connecticut area.

John Darnell has a fine eye for vintage fashion often helping Colleen find new dresses!

I cannot do Colleen Darnell’s vintage or Egyptian passions credit here in  text.

You have got to listen to her story in our latest episode!

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Dr Colleen Darnell on the Steamship Sudan that was launched in 1921 (Photo Jane Kratochvil)

And finally, here’s a list of some of the vintage stores and festivals that Colleen Darnell mentioned.

And be sure to follow Dr Colleen Darnell on instagram for incredible visions inside Egyptian tombs and incredible 1920’s fashion!






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