Episode 28: Melbourne Record Club

unnamed (3)How big is your vinyl record collection?

There is no doubt there is something incredible about playing records with friends in our lounge rooms. But what if you could take your favourite records, head to a swanky bar and hit the turntables for the night.

Thanks to the Melbourne Record Club and Leif van den Dungen you can!

unnamedFor Leif, it was missing regular vinyl listening moments with a mate that had him start looking at how he could take his collection into a public space.

Having known of similar BYO vinyl nights run in parts of the America it was about seeing if bars in Melbourne would come on board.

With a couple of eager reactions the Melbourne Record Club was born and has grown over the years.

People who have never DJ’d before are given the time to not only hit the turntables but to bring their favourite music to like minded people. unnamed (2)

And Leif said the music can vary depending on who comes down to each BYO vinyl night.

And the level of commitment from these amateur DJ’s is incredible.

From lugging kilograms of their loved vinyl down to bars, to spending time collating and typing out play lists to entertain other vinyl lovers.

In June the club will celebrate 100 gigs and the hope is that the club can hit the road! unnamed (1)

If you are in Tasmania or South Australia watch the Melbourne Record Club Facebook page because Leif is bringing his vinyl to you soon!

To hear more about the club and the rising popularity of the humble vinyl record be sure to check out our chat with Leif in episode 28.


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