Episode 29: Miss Sixties Twist


For the month of June we are taking you on a virtual vintage tour of the world.

Each week you’ll meet someone who is living in vintage life in different countries. You’ll get to hear about their local vintage scene and be inspired by their retro events.

Our first stop is Barcelona, Spain to meet Miss Sixties Twist.

Liz39I love hearing personal vintage inspiration stories.

Tales of women and men who lived in the eras that we now replicate in modern times.

For Miss Sixties Twist it was her grandmother that is the source of her vintage inspiration.

She worked in the fashion industry in Spain during the late 1950’s and 1960’s. Having come out of a time where women were forced to dress quite plainly, her grandmother rocked a beehive hairdo, winged liner and high end couture!

It’s fairly easy to see why Miss Sixties Twist would have been enthralled by her stories and her style.


But like so many of us it took Miss Sixties Twist a while to develop her own style.

While behind closed doors in her teenage years she tried on vintage fashion, it wasn’t until she’d left school that she started developing her style.

With a love of classic cars as well as the mid century fashion her wardrobe has slowly grown.

And Spain has a big and growing Rockabilly culture.

Spurred on by a huge classic car scene, Miss Sixties Twist said there are a number of big rockabilly events held around Spain throughout the year.

It’s definitely a country to put on your must visit vintage locations being not only full of culture and beauty but a healthy vintage scene and community.

Miss Sixties Twist shares a lot of her adventures at these vintage events on her blog_DSC7990 along with posts about her fashion inspiration and vintage life.

You can also follow her on Facebook and marvel at her incredible instagram feed!

So come on a journey to beautiful Barcelona by subscribing to our podcast or hitting play here.


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