Episode 32: Rollin’ Ragdolls


Time to swap camper trailer wheels for roller skates.

It’s time for the last stop on our virtual vintage voyage month of June.

Today we have not one, not two but three incredible people for you to meet!

Ladies and gentlemen meet the Rollin’ Ragdolls! 

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Meet Kelly, Kimberley and Jaleesa who make up the Rollin’ Ragdolls.

These vintage loving, roller skating ladies know how to have fun.

After skateboarding or roller blading one day Kelly and Kimberley encouraged each other to try roller skating.

And while it came with broken bones, sore bums and frustration they were determined to have fun.

They were also skating in style!



Think bright colours with incredible vintage vibes.

Kimberley is the one who rocks a retro look each day, but slowly the other ladies have embraced circle skirts, high waist shorts and crop tops.

Kimberley says the vintage element goes well with roller skating because of the fun vibes that each of her passions have.

But paired with their brightly coloured and sometimes hand painted Moxi Skates they were an internet sensation waiting to happen!



So Rollin’ Ragdolls was created.

A place they could share their vintage style and their love of roller skating.

Where they could show themselves falling over and getting back up to try new things.

And where they could create and be part of the global roller skating community.

They are at the forefront of the roller skating revival in the Netherlands and can be found at various events around their home nation.

So hit play on this weeks episode as we skate through the Netherlands with these incredible ladies! RR006

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