Episode 33: Kitty Von Tastique


Alright hands up. Who here has tried one of those diets that seem to good to be true?

You are not alone. In fact people have been trying fad diets since the early 20th Century.

This week on This Retro Life we delve into vintage fitness and nutrition with Kitty Von Tastique .

She’s a cat loving vintage gal with a passion for finding things that can make her and other people feel good.

That could be mixing and matching items of clothing from different vintage eras or using her skills as a personal trainer and fitness nutrition coach to help folks feel well. unnamed

As someone who has been collecting vintage for decades Kitty’s vintage style has changed over the years.

Nowadays she can jump between whatever era floats her boat that day and loves bring items from different eras together to make something fabulous.

As well as a love of vintage Kitty von Tastique has a love of health and wellness and so it makes sense that the two combine.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And it turns out we’ve been looking for a miracle cure to weight loss for a long long time.

Celebrities that we look up to today for their figure were starving themselves, throughout the 20th century you can find advertisement for ways to keep yourself look slim – it’s so similar to what we see these days.

As the Wellness Editor for Vintage Life Magazine Kitty writes about staying physically and mentally healthy in a modern age.

It’s also something she talks about on her Youtube channel along with reviewing incredible Lush products and taking us to vintage events in Australia.

There are so many fabulous elements to Kitty Von Tastique and you can learn about all of them (and meet her cats) in our latest episode.

Make sure you check out Kitty out on social media and YouTube – you won’t be disappointed!

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