Episode 35: Paris Brown


Paris Brown’s great grandparents lived through a lot; war, depression, innovation and modernisation.

They saw tv and the internet develop, presidents assassinated, nations recover from war and man walk on the moon, how can you not be inspired by that!

It’s not surprising Paris now lives a modern vintage life.


Although Paris Brown wasn’t always keen to replicate the lifestyle her grandparents had.

Like so many of us it was a journey to find her love of vintage.

She went through punk, goth, and alternative music phases but eventually she discovered that the rollers and stockings and silhouettes her grandmother embraced made her happy too.

Being a history buff that meant delving head first into living history.

For Paris it isn’t just about wearing the clothes or collecting the mid century pieces. It’s about finding historic stories and looking deeper at why so many of us are embracing elements of past decades even though we have so much on offer today.

Paris Brown apartment

That quest for knowledge and stories has seen Paris embrace her vintage love as part of her PHD study.

She’s looking at mid century literature and how the text relates to textiles.

How books that were written in or about the mid-century era can make us feel and what they teach us about society, culture and history.

It’s fascinating. And I really cannot do it justice here you’ll have to listen to our chat with Paris to learn more.

But for TV lovers I’ll tell you this.

Paris Brown can be described as a Mad Man academic! (Or that’s what I’ve dubbed her anyway).


Do you recognise the dress Paris is wearing on the right?

Just like literature, modern TV shows that are harking back to vintage eras can tell us a lot about the society and culture of those previous times.

This isn’t the only Mad Men inspired dress that Paris Brown owns, her collection is a little bit impressive.

As is her entire vintage collection which you can see more of if you follow her on instagram. 

I loved chatting with Paris. Her passion is so infectious you can’t help but want to find out more about what she is doing.

So susbcribe now at your favourite podcast place or click here to listen. 


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