Episode 36: Evette Dubois Lingerie

robeGlamorous, luxurious and captivating are all words to describe the work of Melissa Heart.

She is the latest in a long family line of seamstress and is channeling the skills her grandmother learnt working in the fashion industry in the 1950’s and 60’s to create beautiful pieces today.

She is the creative mind behind Evette Dubois Lingerie.


It was her grandmother (pictured right) who first talked to Melissa about fashion.

She worked in Melbourne’s high end fashion industry in the 1950’s and 60’s.

It was her stories about what she learned and the women she’d work with that inspired a love of fashion in Melissa.

This was fed by her mums love and collection of textiles and Melissa’s own passion for art. fashionplate

In her teenage years she fostered her creative side by attending art classes.

She was the youngest by years, but surrounded by adults she started dreaming of what she wanted to do.

A stint in fashion school and then with help from her family Evette Dubois Lingerie was born.


Inspired by her collection of vintage lingerie, Melissa started sourcing old patterns and drafting her own of the pieces she loved.

The fabric choices were easy for her to make.

It had to be luxurious. Be the silks and satins that she used to fawn over and love touching as a girl.

And slowly her fashion label developed.

She grew her lines and the back story that goes with them. 

Now she sends her creations around the world.

She helps ladies create vintage silhouettes and feel like glamours of the past.

reserching Hear more about this beautiful fashion line in our latest episode.



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