Episode 37: The Pistolettes


We’re going retro dancing this week.

Come with us to Dallas Texas to meet the incredible Pistolettes! 

This vintage loving troupe of go-go dancers are sure to entertain and have some incredible insights into the vintage scene in Dallas.

There’s nothing better than a go-go dancer at a vintage event.

They are like cheerleaders for the music and you can’t help but dancing. The Pistolettes are no different.

They are high energy. In fact to become part of the troupe the first of many auditions is to dance non stop for 20 minutes in front of some of the other dancers.

Just you. The music. Your nerves. And 20 minutes of some incredible dancers watching you and taking notes! No wonder if you pass that you are in.


These ladies aren’t just incredible retro dancers, they are ambassadors for the vintage scene in Dallas.

Whether it’s burlesque events or founding and supporting the Dallas Lowlifes car club, the Pistolettes are passionate about modern vintage life.

And Dallas, with it’s rich history and connection with vintage western wear (which you can learn more about in Episode 18  and our chat with researcher and vintage western wear lover Chris Gibson) has a buzzing vintage and retro music scene.


So get to know some of the Pistolettes in our latest episode!

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