Episode 38: Miss Emerald Elle

Turlach O'Broin-Photography at Fifi La Roux's Summer Emporium

Miss Emerald Elle at Fifi La Roux’s Summer Emporium Photo: Turlach O’Broin-Photography

We have already met one finalist in the Miss Pinup International competition when you met Miss Lexi Heart, but now it’s time to meet another.

This time we are off Ireland to meet someone with a love of pinup, Burlesque and world war two re-enacting.

Ladies and Gentlemen let me introduce you to Miss Emerald Elle.

18700219_1895604927364272_1616384071108786295_nAt one time, Miss Emerald Elle would complain when her mum put on classic Hollywood movies, she hated them. But how things can change!

Now she asks to borrow them and partly puts down her love of vintage to the big screen starlets she used to watch.

But it was a photo of her grandmother at age 19 or 20 that led Miss Emerald Elle to start emulating the look.

And as she entered the vintage and retro world she found herself in a social media wormhole full of inspiration and women she admired.

As she continued on her journey, Miss Emerald Elle wanted to support other pinup and vintage lovers in Ireland.

David Woodland Photography

Photo: David Woodland Photography

About three years ago she started the Irish Pinups facebook page and was overwhelmed by how quickly it grew.

Soon there was a community sharing events, planning meet ups and supporting each other.

In 2016 Miss Emerald Elle took the leap into her first pinup competition.

It was the Miss Pinup International competition, but before she got there she also entered (and placed runner up) in the inaugural Miss Pinup Ireland.

This year she’s back to compete at Miss Pinup International and taking on a new role as mentor of other Irish girls competing locally.

She also talks a lot about how her vintage journey has helped her with her body confidence. And did an incredible photo shoot around the Embrace documentary. 

Here photos are spectacular!


Photo: Anna Hurkowska photography

Read more about the photo shoot and Miss Emerald Elle’s body confidence journey on her blog!

As well as loving pinup, Miss Emerald Elle is a Burlesque performer, blogger and World War two reenactor.

Meet this incredible woman in our latest episode.

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