Episode 41: Emileigh Rogers


This episode is best consumed with a good cup of piping hot tea.

Why? Because it is one of the many things that blogger and vintage lover Emileigh Rogers enjoys in life.

And in this chat we cover all her life loves from thrift shopping to life abroad and the many complexities of living a vintage life in a modern time.


Emileigh Rogers spent her childhood abroad.

She traveled with her parents and spent time living in Egypt and Sudan.

This has shaped her vintage style today. She looks for ways to incorporate how she feels on the inside from these incredible experiences and translate them into her vintage fashion.

It was in college that Emileigh started her blog Flashback Summer and she laughs now when she thinks about how initially it was going to be a vintage fashion blog but at that stage she had maybe two vintage outfits. DSC_0561

Nowadays her wardrobe has grown and the blog has to.

She doesn’t just cover life as a modern vintage lover, but also how we navigate through difficult territory taking bits we want from times gone by and learning from the negatives we’d much rather leave behind.

She also talks about life with her husband, sewing, baking, events she goes to and so much more.

You can meet Emileigh Rogers and find out more about her life and passions in our latest episode.

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