Episode 42: Mid-Century Home


Kauffman Desert House – Palm Springs. Marco’s favourite mid-century home.

I love looking at real estate.

The more out of my budget the better.

I don’t know if it’s getting a sense of how others live or being able to dream of a time (maybe, hopefully) that a house could be mine.

Of course most of my dream real estate hunting ends up with my focussing on mid-century modern homes from around the world. So I was pretty pleased to meet Marco Guagliardo from Mid-Century Home. 

unnamed (1)

Like so many of us, Marco’s passion for old things started somewhere completely different.

His journey to mid-century architecture love started in flea markets in Italy.

He developed an eye for Scandinavian design and was scouring second hand sellers for everything from pottery to lamps and furniture.

But buying and collecting was challenging because at that time a young Marco still lived with his family and their taste was completely different.

So like so many of us he dreamed of a time when he could fill his house with whatever he wanted. Marco substituted buying items for reading about them and their designers.

He soon learnt that many of his favourite designers were also architects or had links to architectural projects and that’s where his love for mid-century modern design started.


Villa Mairea by Alvar Alto, Finland

The likes of Alvar Alto and Charles and Ray Eames slowly drew him further into the rabbit hole and the more he read the more he loved what he found.

He loved how different the architecture of the mid 1940’s to mid 1960’s was. How revolutionary these designers were and how the houses still held up to modern values today.

It’s almost like these designers were so open minded they could see the future and how we would want to use our houses today.

And that’s the beauty of these designs. They are still so sought after and such beautiful was to live.

Surprisingly this era of design wasn’t given a name until the 1990’s. That was one someone penned the term mid-century modern was born.


Eames House, Case Study House No. 8, Charles and Ray Eames, California




While many of us pine over these homes today, at the time people struggled to understand the concept.

Joseph Eichler wanted to build affordable homes for everyone.

But people were confused by the big living room, lots of glass and natural light and sometimes patios in the center of the house.

It’s stories and histories like these that Marco shares on Mid-Century Home to a passionate community.

Readers can be those that love the design and architecture, they can be home owners or related to the incredible architects of the past. What is sure that it is a passionate community.

Marco said he can often received hundreds of comments if he features a property that might be a little bit out of the box but that passion is what makes this community so great.

For Marco, his dream house is the Kaufmann house in Palm Springs. He was able to feature it recently after being contacted by the owner.


Rose Seidler House, Sydney

You can hear about Marco’s passion and knowledge for mid-century architecture in our latest episode. 

And if you live in a mid-century beauty let Marco and his team know because the more houses they feature from around the world the better it is for all us mid-century lovers playing at home!



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