Episode 43: Miss Chan Delier


Being crowned Miss Pinup International 2016 (Photo credit : Xavier Clarke)

This weekend in London fabulous vintage lovers from around the world will take part in the Miss Pinup International competition. 

You’ve already met some of the pinups taking part, Miss Lexi Heart and Miss Emerald Elle.

But time now to meet the reigning champion.

Pack your vintage suitcase because we’re off to Oslo, Norway to meet the fabulous Miss Chan Delier.


image (2)

(Photo: Are Knudsen Photography)

It was while she was training to be a hairdresser that Miss Chan Delier first started exploring vintage.

Initially she’d rock a swing dress or 50’s silhouette when she went to a party but slowly it crept into her daily life.

For one of her first hair assessments she decided to be bold and style her model with victory rolls. Not the easiest of hair styles to do.

And from then her vintage love, knowledge and passion has grown and grown.

But for some folk in Norway her fascination with the bygone era is surprising.

Norway in the 1950’s was a very different place than America. There wasn’t the post war boom that America saw, the feeling of freedom and safety that had returned.

Much of Europe was economically, physically and emotional damaged from a long war.


Photo: Are Knudsen Photography

But that did change and what’s left is an intersting history that Miss Chan Delier explores with her love of vintage.

She works in a retro shop, Manillusion, is a vintage hair stylist and heavily involved in the small but growing vintage scene in Norway.

It was through pinup and burlesque that Miss Chan Delier found confidence and friendship, a love of blogging and a great reason to travel!

You can hear more of Miss Chan Deliers vintage story in our latest episode. 

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