Episode 47: That Retro Piece


A collection starts with just one piece.

Something catches your eye because of the colour, the design, the purpose and then before you know it you have 2, 5, 10 and on it goes, until you hit 1,500 pieces of Pyrex!

Or is that just what happened to Stan Savellis from That Retro Piece? 


P7190643Stan Savellis started collecting as a teenager, in fact it’s what he and his mates did for fun.

Scouring op shops and second hand stores for great clothes and for Stan incredible ceramics.

He was drawn to things that he liked to start with and that developed his passion for ceramics from the 1950’s to 1970’s.

Pyrex is the favourite, and the centrepiece of his ever growing collection, but Stan also collects Starburst wall clocks and vintage Italian and Scandinavian ceramics.

It was only six or seven years ago that Stan got serious about collecting Pyrex, and now he has over 1,500 pieces in his collection (and it’s growing!)P7230966

But Stan’s Pyrex passion is a little more focussed than just buying things he loves.

He has a passion for sharing information and pieces from International Pyrex makers, those outside America.

Pyrex was made in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom and they are the pieces that encouraged Stan to start That Retro Piece,  a resource for fellow Pyrex lovers who want to know more about a particular piece or pattern.

And now it’s grown into a book that will be released on November 9th 2017. cover3

Over 400 pieces of International Pyrex will feature in Dots and Diamonds and 98% of them come from Stan’s personal collection.

So how often does Stan use pieces of his Pyrex collection?


Sure there are some that are never used. Rare pieces, those that are a little fragile or one of a kind.

They get pride of place in the cabinets in the house, but otherwise Stan uses his Pyrex every day.

If you want to know more about Pyrex in Australia, the designs they produced, Stan’s collection, That Retro Piece and so much more – subscribe to our podcast now! Or click here. 


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