Episode 49: Retro Betty

Shannon Brooke Imagery, Hair by Mavis Mayhem

Photo: Shannon Brooke Imagery Hair: Mavis Mayhem

Growing up during the Rockabilly revival in the 1980’s Kirsty Wallett, aka France Flathead , was surrounded by vintage cars, fashion and music.

So it’s not surprising that as an adult she found herself living a vintage life.

But even still, like so many of us, it has been an interesting journey.


Shannon Brooke Imagery, Hair by Mavis Mayhem 2

Photo: Shannon Brooke Imagery Hair: Mavis Mayhem

One of her Kirsty Wallett’s first memories as a child is riding in the back seat of a hot rod.

She remembers working with her dad in the garage, and so her passion for classic cars was passed from father to daughter.

But initially Kirsty didn’t embrace her vintage love.

You know what those awkward teenage years are like. You just want to fit in and dressing rockabilly was not a way to look like everyone else.

Holly West Photography

Photo: Holly West Photography

But that melted away and these days Kirsty is all about embracing a modern vintage life.

And her love of cars has never gone anywhere.

Travelling around Australia to attend vintage car and hot rod festivals and through that she found her way into pinup.

Competing, judging, becoming involved in running and planning events.

It’s the history of the scene, the items she collects, the car she drives that draws Kirsty in further.

And fashion wise loves the Rockabilly look but has recently started dipping her toe into the 1960’s scene!unnamed

In between her own vintage passion, Kirsty tells stories of others through her online magazine Retro Betty .

Want to know more about Kirsty, you can in our latest episode

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