Episode 51: Miss Lillian Rose


Photo: Angie Delarie Pinup Photography

Could the vintage community be the secret to stamping out online trolls with positivity?

This is the question one incredible pinup from Perth in Australia is asking as she combines her love of vintage with her academic career.

Ladies and Gents, in episode 51 it’s time for you to jump on the red eye flight, head to Western Australia to meet Miss Lillian Rose .


Photo: Wayne M Photography

It was classic literature that first inspired Miss Lillian Rose’s love of vintage.

From Oscar Wilde to Agatha Christie, books and authors that were brave, spoke of vintage fashion and transported her to a different time has started a love affair with the 1950’s.

A love of pillar box hats and brooches have come direct from the pages of a book into Miss Lillian Rose’s real life.

She started embracing the vintage fashion once she was out of high school, we all know that’s when life truly begins, and she’s never looked back. 20170516_173339

Her style transformation started slowly but as she started doing photo shoots and finding her part in her local vintage community she started thinking deeply about what vintage can do for the world.

So it was only natural to combine her academia with her love of old things.

Unlike other online platforms, in the vintage community internet hang outs 90% of all comments were positive.

These comments were posted to lift people up, support them and to share kindness when there may have been a touch of negativity.


Photo: Red Leopard Photography

So could all internet trolls be harnessed in this way?

This is what Miss Lillian Rose is now looking into as part of her university study.

And if you want to learn more then I have some good news for you!

All you need to do is subscribe, or click here to hear Miss Lillian Rose’s vintage story.








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