Episode 52: Bernice Bell


Calling all 1920 lovers, do I have a woman for you to meet.

With a love of drop waists, Art Deco and stunning vintage finds, Bernice Bell is one hell of a vintage dame.


Bernice Bell looks like she’s walked straight out of 1920’s New York.

As her passion for vintage has grown so too has her collection of clothes, accessories and paraphernalia from this era.

There have been moments of vintage magic. Unlike those who love later vintage eras, every day it gets harder and harder to find items from 1940 back.

But, if you follow Bernice’s instagram¬†¬†you’ll see some of the items that she has picked up, including an incredible pair of original early 1900’s shoes that have been so well looked after they look unworn!


Find out more about Bernice’s passion and how she’s seen the modern 1920’s scene grow in our latest episode¬†






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