Episode 53: Miss Cherrybomb

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We’re kicking 2018 off with a bang here at This Retro Life.

You are about to meet a woman with big hair, big personality and a big passion for old things!

In her life, vintage is a family affair with her mum and dad both sharing and embracing their own love of cars and fashion.

Unlike so many of us, she stuck it to the man and started dabbling in vintage fashion while she was still in high school and now her style is refined, sophisticated and the inspiration for so many others.

Ladies and Gents, meet Miss Cherrybomb. 

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If you are on instagram you might already know this weeks guest.

Miss Cherrybomb not only has an incredible feed, but makes watching someone else set their hair incredibly entertaining! (thank goodness for the live video feature).

Her personality is her greatest feature along with her passion, but thanks to starting young she also has an incredible sense of style.

So what’s the secret to this?

Time and practice. And the knowledge that while on social media every day looks like a good hair day, it really isn’t the case for anyone in the vintage community.

Miss Cherrybomb says she practices as much as the next doll when it comes to perfecting a look.

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While finding her own vintage style, Miss Cherrybomb helped her Mum find hers too!

“She sat me down and said do you mind if I start dressing vintage too and of course I didn’t”

So does it mean there’s competition?

Thankfully they’re different dress sizes and can each others accessories so Miss Cherrybomb says it’s actually an advantage as the two keep a look out for vintage items for each other.

With her Dad into classic cars, vintage really is a family affair (except for her younger sister who is rocking a more modern vibe).

And these days, after competing in some big competitions like Miss Pinup Australia and Viva Las Vegas, Miss Cherrybomb is sharing her knowledge with other women entering the competition sphere.

In 2017 she was a mentor to the Miss Pinup Australia contestants and loved experiencing the journey from a different, perhaps less stressful side.


So if you love Tiki culture, roller derby, travelling stories and a woman who is a vintage inspiration – then you want to listen to our latest episode!

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