Episode 56: Tara Moss


(Photo: Berndt Sellheim Photographer https://berndtsellheim.com/)

This weeks guest is beyond amazing.

She’s an author, model, documentary maker, academic, keen historian, collector and so much more!

But did you know that Tara Moss has a love of old things

Find out more in our latest episode.



(Photo: Berndt Sellheim Photographer https://berndtsellheim.com/)

Tara Moss is a bit of a magpie when it comes to old things.

Old, rusty, dusty and broken things had a way of coming home with her. But while her house filled up with antique wares, it was only about five years ago that Tara started wearing vintage and reproduction fashion.

“I had a moment when I realised that I wanted to wear old stuff all the time, not just around the house and not just for special occasions.”


While watching Marilyn Monroe movies Tara had a realisation that her body was a similar shape to Miss Monroe’s, that clothes in this modern age were not made for such a body type and that the best way to embrace her curves was to dress like Marilyn!

Enter vintage fashion!


(Photo: Berndt Sellheim Photographer https://berndtsellheim.com/)



As she started her journey Tara wrote a blog about modern fashion and curving women. “Hate the way modern fashions treat your curves? Go Retro.” 


But it’s not just 1940’s and 1950’s fashion that Tara Moss is recreating today.

It’s the mentality of the era.

Especially when it comes to being a little less wasteful and a little more crafty.

Tara started learning to sew in 2016 and is now taking you along for the ride (and to help out a fellow sewing novice) with her youtube channel! 

“Now I can make a dress that fits me in my size! I’ve learnt how to piece together the perfect sizes to make something that’s just right for me.” 



Tara Moss documents all her vintage passions, finds and adventures in her vintage caravans at Victory Lamour where she says having the vintage alter ego helps her celebrate women today, but also women’s work and craft from history (or HERstory).


(Photo: Berndt Sellheim

For Tara Moss, taking the journey to embrace vintage every day is a big part of being happy and daily self care.“Vintage, sewing, steampunk and history are all a big part of my self care. I know that they are because they all put a huge smile on my face.”

If you want to hear more about the many fabulous elements to Tara Moss’ love of vintage, and hear a sneak peak about her upcoming novel – check out our latest episode. 


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