Episode 58: Tammy Twinkletoes

Peach Beach PJs

Put on your dancing shoes, prepare for a history lesson and suit up – we’re off to Napier New Zealand.

It’s a town full of Art Deco design and is the new home town of this weeks guest Tamsin Smith, aka Tammy Twinkletoes. 


Award Winning Vionnet dress

A number of years ago, Tamsin went to the Art Deco festival in Napier.

She already had a passion for old things, a love of history and an interest in vintage styling – but this festival enhanced it!

Each year she returned she embraced the 1920’s and 1930’s more and more.

Now, she uses her sewing skills to create vintage inspired dresses for women around the world.

She has also moved to Napier and started a swing dancing school with her partner (something the town didn’t have before).

So through fashion, swing dancing, festivals and the global vintage community Tamsin continues to travel along her retro journey.

You can hear more about it in our latest episode. 

Hi-de-ho swing school

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