Episode 61: Miss Lady Lace

11_DSCF3182 copy

(Photo: Jennifer Villalobos Photography)

How confident where you as a teenager?

For many people it’s a trying time. When you’re going through big life changes, dealing with pressure from peers and trying to work out who you are.

But as a teenager, Miss Lady Lace Miss Lady Lace was a little different from the other high school girls.


(Photo: Jennifer Villalobos Photography)

At 14, Miss Lady Lace found the incredible Dita Von Teese and it changed her life.

She knew that’s the type of woman she wanted to be.

She was immediately attracted to the styling, the fashion and the burlesque dancing and so went about incorporating that into her every day life.

So at 14 she began playing with vintage  styling. Perfecting that hair, the makeup and starting her vintage collection.

At that time she also started Burlesque dancing and performed for the first time at just 17.


Geoff Phillips

These days, Miss Lady Lace has helped kick start the vintage community in Perth.

Her house is like a museum and her husband is now getting in on the social media action with his own vintage looks.

You can hear all about the incredible work Miss Lady Lace does in her pinup community in our latest episode. 


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