Episode 68: The Homemade Pinup


How often do you create something from scratch?

It’s such a special part of living a modern vintage life.

Sewing your own clothes, knitting something from an old pattern, making your own hats and hair flowers.

These are all things Lauren De Marti, aka The Homemade Pinup does.

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Episode 67: Stephanie Lanora


Stephanie Lanora is a modern vintage beauty.

But she also has an incredible brain for history.

She channels that into her love of the 1940’s, the fashion of the time and the war stories and histories that happened during those years.
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Episode 61: Miss Lady Lace

11_DSCF3182 copy

(Photo: Jennifer Villalobos Photography)

How confident where you as a teenager?

For many people it’s a trying time. When you’re going through big life changes, dealing with pressure from peers and trying to work out who you are.

But as a teenager, Miss Lady Lace Miss Lady Lace was a little different from the other high school girls.

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