Episode 12: Laila Shalimar

norafindsblog1There are some incredible people in the Australian and global vintage community.

Every week at the end of the podcast I say to get in touch with my if you know someone or are someone who would be great to feature on this podcast!

And I mean it.

I want all your suggestions so that I have the privilege of meeting passionate, enthusiastic and interesting folk that share our passion for all things old and shiny!

And Laila Shalimar is one of these people.

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Episode 11: Marjorie May Fair

MMF_Promo8 Photo by Wendell Levi Teodoro.jpg

Marjorie May Fair (Photo: Wendell Levi Teodoro)

I have been following Marjorie May Fair on instagram for a while now and cannot get enough of her incredible talent for vintage hair and makeup and her fashion!

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